Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce

What is NTI?

NTI – Network Training Institute is an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy, a recognized world class leader in providing instructor led, online, and hands on lab training to prepare students to start (and continue) their career as an IT Professional.  Authorized Cisco Networking Academies are run by Certified Cisco Networking Professionals (CCNP or greater) who have gone through a rigorous training program to become Cisco Certified Instructors. Unlike traditional instructors, NTI instructors also perform work in the IT field, keeping themselves fresh with the latest developments and technologies. NTI is unique in that it also provides students access to the DIAMOND program where students are exposed to continual learning and employment opportunities.

NTI Routes Information Through the Mind
There are over 2 million Information and Communications Technology (ICT) jobs coming available in 2015.  In the Twin Cities market alone, where NTI serves, there is estimated IT jobs skills gap of more than 2700 positions. Whereas the economy in general is growing at only a 2.5% pace, most IT jobs are growing at over 12%.  NTI’s Cisco Networking Academy has been designed and built to prepare your hands and brain to start meeting this demand.  So with the proper attitude, motivation and aptitude, NTI will more than adequately prepare you to enter into a sustainable, profitable career in Information Technology.

The NTI Pathways for Long Term Career Success in IT (IT Career Planning Table)

A recent graduate said: I always used NTI as reference in my job search. Hands-on experience helped me to pass my A+ Certificate and to obtain a good job at Delta Airlines. – Kossi G.