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Abimbola an NTI graduate smiling with her certificate

Abimbola Phillips

My name is Abby, I’m a graduate from NTI, St. Paul. I am here to share my experience. As a graduate from NTI. A couple of years ago I was kind of looking to change my career. So even though I have some experience in technology, but I was lacking the hands on experience like to be a professional in the field. So I was searching on the internet to see a school where I can enroll to get the skills that I was lacking. I came across a Koami school network training institute. I called him and he scheduled me for an appointment. When I came here to see him. He showed me their schedule, and how they kind of like go through their training. So I enrolled in the A+ class, I took the class, I was able to secure a job, I took the exam I passed. What amazes me most is the mentorship that Koami offered to his students. He is very involved with all of us. The the way he looks at our, the way he takes care of his students like for them to achieve the purpose of coming here. It’s really amazing! So after passing my A+ exam, I decided to give CCNA a shot. I took the class also from Koami, Koami is very involved. You know, with a hands on labs, he wants you to be successful. It cares about you like mentally, education wise, well being you know, if you’re, if you’re not able to come to the class Koami, he will call you like; oh, are you running late? Where are you, are you okay, you know. He is very involved. So, after taking the CCNA class, I took the exam also. And I passed very well. I’m so happy that I passed that exam! That was a very tough exam, but I’m so happy with Koami’s mentorship, his involvement. I passed. I even recommended Koami to a friend at work. He was like, oh, I don’t think I can do technology and I’m like why not give it a shot? So I introduced him to Koami. He took A+ class with Koami also, he passed, he got a job, hes doing very well in the technology field. I’m so happy to be a graduate from Koami’s school. You know? I recommend Koami to anybody who wants to venture into that type into the field Koami’s school, it’s if you’re coming to school, you’re in safe hands. Thank you very much.