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After attending the NTI for four months, I can confidently say that I am very happy with my decision to earn my certification. I acquired skills in computing and networking due to my fantastic instructor. At NTI they really care about students’ success. They reserve hours for hands-on experience in the lab. The instructor is very close to each student and he is always present to explain and help understand materials. I strongly recommend NTI to anyone that is seeking a good career in Information Technology

Amah A. - Technical Representative of Willis Towers Watson

I always used NTI as reference in my job search. Hands-on experience helped me to pass my A+ Certificate and to obtain a good job at Delta Airlines

Kossi G. - Network specialist, Delta Airlines

I was very impressed by the instructor in depth knowledge and experience. I came to him many times with complex computer issues which he was able to solve on the spot and what impressed me was the fact that he never let me go without explaining the root of the problem and few things I could do to prevent the problem from occurring.
Oh, it’s something you have to experience. The instructor is very knowledgeable. The material is great and lots of hands out. Knowledge check was a key component of the training. I think because the instructor is still on the field, we profited from his field experience. He never hesitated to point out few tricks we will need to get uncommon technical issues resolved.
I am currently working in the financial field, I am a retirement plan specialist however I am now ready to move to the IT department. I am job shadowing with the It department within my company. Without hesitation, I mean the quality of the training, the hands-outs, the instructor knowledge and experience is a whole package we can’t get anywhere else. And it’s cost effective. It is the place to start and advance in the IT field

Marcel M. - Wells Fargo Financial Services

When I needed to change my career toward IT, I used NTI as a solid background because it provided me all I needed with the help of my instructors. They are available to answer any of my inquiries at any time. Now when I finished with NTI, I used them as my first reference until I find my way and became IT analyst at 3M and working on my ITIL certification now. I will recommend NTI to anyone who needs a prosperous short-term knowledge to change career like I did

Glanel H. - 3M Technical Analyst

I came to NTI as I needed a practical training to sharpen my Computing and Networking skills. Soon after I enrolled, I discovered that I was at the right place. The hands-on experience coupled with the amazing support of the instructor and his assistant allowed me to reach my goals. I gained confidence in doing my job and I am looking forward to continuing a career in IT. I am ready to go back to NTI, which I strongly recommend to young students as well as working adults

Selom K. – Technical Analyst Hennepin County

Q. Would you come back for higher/additional certifications? A. Yes definitely. Q. Could you tell me in a sentence what you thought of the program? A. It was a well detailed and taught program. Not only did it teach us basics, but it delved into details and gave us the opportunity to practice them ourselves. It is an extremely good program worth the time and money. Q. Is there anything you would recommend improving the program? A. Not much, considering it can be compared to taking multiple college courses of the same topic.

Ekene C. – Regions Hospital

I am currently a Network Engineer at CenturyLink Downtown St Paul, I.T has never been my Bread and Butter but due to the competence and efficiency of the Network Training Institute, I was able to 1) Get a feel for the I.T field 2) Understand the Basics of Networking 3) Have hands on Experience (which by the way really helped me get my CenturyLink Job) NTI made me who I am today, if I am able to get a nice career in a fast-growing field, and able to get paid a decent amount of money, I owe it to NTI. They did a really good job showing me the rope and especially placing me at CenturyLink. Thank you NTI Family

Rodrigue A. – Network Engineer at CenturyLink

I am currently working as an IT Field Support Technician at IBM’s. IT Computer Support and Repair is something I wanted to do for a long time but didn’t understand how I could enter this field until I came across Network Training Institute (NTI). It was here at NTI where I learned all about Computers and Basic Networking principles; specifically, taking apart and building computers, installing the operating systems and application software, trouble-shooting computers, printers and networks, and much more . . .” “One thing I love about NTI is Koami’s experience in the field and professional approach as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and dedication as a teacher. As the founder and Executive Director of the only “independently organized” Authorized Cisco Networking Academy in Minnesota, if not the whole world, Koami’s Institute is able to provide all the necessary software and hardware tools necessary for a student to qualify as a Tier 1 IT Technician”. “However, the only thing I didn’t like about his program is that at the end of it he did not buy pizza for all of us. Besides that, I give a big bravo to Koami and Dean, his assistant administrator and instructor

Koffi E. – IT Field Support Technician at IBM

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