Nina Alexander

Nina an NTI graduate smiling with her certificate
 Nina’s Story

As a migrant from Nigeria who recently moved to Minnesota, I continued to seek that breakthrough in my career. Coming from a background in Finance and Administration, I was skeptical about changing my career to IT. I have always had a passion for IT and did not want to settle at my current skill set. Although I carefully researched and attended an onsite Bootcamp in California, I almost gave in to doubt as there were not that many females in the field and hardly anyone with my background.
With persistence, I continued researching and came across a Network Training Institute flyer presenting the CCNA with Cisco Systems Training, so I decided to check them out. Upon visiting and meeting the school director, I felt welcomed and encouraged. That finally helped me make my decision. Taking off with the school and training was easy. I decided to make the big move a few months into the course. I took up what many call a foot-in-the-door role in IT as a learning and hands-on platform in the real world.
It is super exciting to add that I became CCNA certified the following year. This flight has continued because the last three years have gained me so much experience. So Although I continued working within the medical field, I am now more exposed and entrusted with higher responsibilities ranging from participation in several projects with M Health Fairview, Hospital migration, Cutovers, Sites surveys, and more.
So back up to three years ago, this would have been impossible. This program does change one remarkably.
Friends and family tend to ask me how I achieved such a huge career change, and I do not hesitate to tell my story in hopes that someone out there might use it in deciding too. I can proudly say that my skills had never been that much sought after until I received my training and certification from Cisco Systems at NTI.

Nina’s NTI Experience

“Coming from a background in Finance and Administration, I was skeptical about changing my career to IT. I have always had a passion for IT, so I made the decision to visit NTI. The pre-enrollment discussion gave me the courage to start the program and I would say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

The program and training were perfect. I found myself in a friendly family environment, able to ask questions and receive excellent support from the instructor. I did my research on other instructors online, but this was much better as I had great hands on training. I am also excited to say that towards the end of the program I secured a job for an IT position. This is a great start for me as I intend to build my career in IT and also continue with NTI with other programs.
Thank you Koami, Thank you NTI.”