Manga Anang

Manga Anang an NTI graduate smiling while practicing laptop repair
Manga’s Story

My name is Manga. And about over a year ago, I was looking I didn’t know what I was going to do for career. And one of my friends referred me to NTI. And she told me and TI was a really good place that could start a career in IT. So I decided to take the chance came over to NTI. Coming over to NTI, I was surprised by you know, what I what I found and I was encouraged by the professor, or the instructor, he encouraged me he told me I didn’t I didn’t believe I could, you know, get a career in IT. But the instructor encouraged me and told me there’s nothing impossible for me. So I took my chances and I took the CompTIA certification A+ with NTI. And I was so impressed by the training a hands on training I got from NTI dealing with hardware directly, you know, opening up a computer and learning you know, every single thing that’s in the computer, it was just amazing. And I I am so proud and I’m so happy and after all my training and I got my CompTIA A plus certification and I was able to land my first job in in IT. So I definitely recommend NTI for anybody out there who’s looking to get into IT, NTI is is a place to be. Thank you.