General Education Requirement

General Education (GE) are required courses offered by every two (2) year and four (4) year college or university in the United States.  These courses are intended to introduce you to the richness and diversity of the various academic disciplines.  Most employers would generally like to see NTI graduates with at least this minimum amount of post-secondary non-technical education.  General Education requirements are designed to broaden your intellectual perspective and to set you on the path to becoming educated members of society.

The General Education (GE) curriculum requirement for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system is based on the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).  You may meet the MnTC curriculum requirement in any one of the following three (3) ways:

  • The full MnTC requirement (All 10 Goals): 40 Semester Credits
  • Associate in Science (A.S. Degree) MnTC Requirement: 30 Semester Credits
  • Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S Degree) MnTC Requirement: 16 Semester Credits

You may obtain and/or transfer your MnTC GE credits to NTI from any Minnesota State College and University (MNSCU).   For more information, refer to the links below:

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