(26 Weeks, 296 Hours)

Program Description

The Computer Network Training – Entry Program (CNTE) is where students acquire the basic technical and soft skill set that employers look for to fill Entry Level IT positions. CNTE students’ progress through six (7) instructor led, learning modules.  The program is broken into two 13-week sessions.

Session 1 (Weeks 1 – 13)

Session 1 starts with CompTIA’s Flagship “IT Fundamentals” course where students learn how to configure, analyze and troubleshoot PC and Network problems through rigorous lab exercises using “real”, “emulated”, and “virtualized” machines (VMs).  Next is an Introductory course in Microsoft Office 2016 followed by Web Design and Introduction to Cybersecurity, a course that allows the student to “ease into” the world of Cybersecurity by learning basic threats and mitigation strategies and tactics. In these courses, students:

  1. Register with the ECS IT Staffing Agency.
  2. Build a WORDPRESS .me website to store and forward achievements to employers & others.
  3. Work with their assigned ECS Staffing Agent on resume writing, interview coaching, internships / apprenticeships & job placement. 

ICT Industry Certification Preparation

IT Fundamentals (CompTIA ITF+)

Intro to Hardware and OS

Introduction to MS Office 16

MS Office Specialist

WORDPRESS .me Website

Introduction to Cybersecurity


Session 2 (Weeks 14 – 26)

Session 2 starts with Cisco’s  “IT Essentials 7.0 and Networking Essentials” courses, recommended for those wanting to enroll in Network Training Institute’s Computer Network Training – Intermediate program, or for those on the path to becoming a desktop support technician, network technician, cable installer or help desk technician. The last course module is “Linux Unhatched”, an introductory course to the world of Linux, the OS running most of the world’s Web Servers, including the Cisco Internetworking Operating System or IOS.

ICT Industry Certification Preparation

IT Essentials 7.0

A+ Hardware and OS

Networking Essentials


Linux Unhatched


Skills and Competencies

  • Identify and describe all the components that comprise PC hardware and PC operating system software
  • Identify and describe all the components that comprise network HW and the TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Assemble, disassemble, configure and troubleshoot PC desktops, mobile devices, printers, and LANs
  • Learn the basics of how to use Microsoft Office 2016 Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
  • Build a personal .me WORDPRESS website to store and forward skills portfolio to prospective employers
  • Plan and install a network using real equipment and connect it to the Internet
  • Practice verifying and troubleshooting network and Internet connectivity
  • Configure common Internet applications, basic IP services, and setup computer sharing
  • Understand the foundational principles for securing a network and managing risk (Cybersecurity)
  • Understand the fundamentals of the Linux OS, command line, and basic open source concepts

Entrance Requirements

  • Intake and Enrollment meeting with the Career Development Director
  • CompTIA Fundamentals Certification
  • Entrance Assessment Score on TABE Survey Level 9-D Reading and Mathematics:
  • Minimum of 8th grade Reading Level
  • Minimum of 6th grade Math Level

Employment Outlook

Job Role

Salary Range

% Increase

Desktop Support Analyst




Help Desk Tier 3




Help Desk Tier 2




Help Desk Tier 1




PC Technician




Source: National Salary Guides