Career Services

We happily offer our graduates career services unilizing our Diamond Model

Network Training Institute in collaboration with ElieSys Computer Services (MSP – Managed Services Provider) provide IT Internship to each NTI student. During the internship, students learn how to work with ticketing systems, manage customer computers and network devices remotely and troubleshoot them.

We offer:

Job Placement Assistance

  • Personally assigned Placement Coordinator.
  • Help with résumés and interviewing skills.
  • Assistance in locating local job opportunities.
  • Personal coaching.
  • Internships with a local employer, or through the student’s current employer (not all vocational training programs include internships).

Contacts With Local Employers
NTI campus maintains relationships with employers in the local job market. Employers often contact NTI looking for graduates to fill positions before those positions are even advertised.

Career Development Workshops
NTI offers a variety of workshops designed to assist our students and graduates in securing employment, including:

  • Occupations, Career and Job Search Strategies – Prepares students to conduct an efficient job search, and helps them determine which techniques are best for them.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing – Teaches students how to create a targeted résumé, including tips on how to emphasize their experience and training.
  • Interviewing Skills and Follow Up – Prepares students for the interview process, and helps them understand what to expect when meeting with a prospective employer.
  • Networking and Utilizing Social Media Sites – Covers the importance of networking when job searching, and how to utilize professional networking websites like LinkedIn.
  • Dress for Success – Students are shown what to wear in order to make the best impression at an interview, and how to comply with company dress codes such as business casual.

Our placement coordinators work with each graduate individually to build a career plan specific to their needs, ensuring the highest level of success possible. 


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Get Inspired

Bruce Lee an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Bruce Lee

“What I like best about the program is being able to do hands on building a PC. I had hard copies of the Microsoft Office books to follow along beside going online. Being able to bring home a laptop to complete assignments and practice our A+ exam is very helpful.”