Network Training Institute defines basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers online. The NTI standards and modules cover ten basic areas:

01)  Basic Computer Use

02)  Internet & Online shopping

03)  Windows Operating System

04)  Mac OS

05)  Email

06)  Microsoft Word

07)  Social Media

08)  Microsoft Excel

09)  Microsoft PowerPoint

10)  Information Literacy.

By thoroughly covering these ten basic areas, and obtaining the NTI Digital Literacy Certificate, you become the prime candidates for admission into NTI’s Computer Network Training – Entry program.  And by successfully completing NTI’s Entry program, you become the prime candidates to enroll in NTI’s Computer Network Training – Intermediate program. And by successfully completing NTI’s Intermediate program, you become the prime candidates to enroll in NTI’s Computer Network Training – Advanced program.

In short, by following the NTI way, you will never experience unemployment, only promotions and increases in your annual income.