Ahmed Hussein

Ahmed Hussein an NTI graduate smiling while practicing laptop repair
Ahmed’s Story

What attracted me to NTI is the affordability of the classes, the flexibility of the classes and how easy it is to be accessible to like tutoring and the teacher and the hands on experience that you have in the classroom and collaborations with other students and the mentorship that you have with the with the teacher, the professor. So yeah, that’s what attracted me to NTI. My experience at NTI has been great. I’ve been here for a year everyone here and in the program has been very like helpful and it’s been very successful for me and growing my knowledge and my skill sets. Currently, I work as a NOC technician, atomic data, which which NTI helped me be prepared for for my job interview and using my skill sets everyday at work. And it helped me thrive in my field. But I would recommend anyone that’s interested that that wants to be learn about IT that wants to grow their skill sets to join NTI program. And even if you’re like a beginner who doesn’t know anything will be like a great opportunity for you to like start fresh and learn on your own and have the mentors and the tutors that you need. And you will be able to have a hands on experience with the equipment’s and like the routers and switches and devices that are in the classrooms.