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of students who took Cisco certification courses got a job advancement opportunity

Two Convent Ways to take a Course


Online Learning

Online courses are self-paced and use the same curriculum taught in Networking Academy classrooms around the world.


In-Person Learning

Train with the latest hardware and software. This is the ultimate way to get hands-on experience as you gain career ready skills.

What Are Students Saying?

“Best school if you are interested in getting into the IT field! especially in Networking. I am currently taking a CCNA course here and it’s amazing the amount of content, labs and instructions we get. Koami, the instructor has years of extensive experience in the field and brings that in the class.”

– Rashid Iman

Network Security Analyst, Thomson Reuters

“I always used NTI as reference in my job search. Hands-on experience helped me to pass my A+ Certificate and to obtain a good job at Delta Airlines.”

– Kossi G.

Network specialist, Delta Airlines

After attending the NTI for four months, I can confidently say that I am very happy with my decision to earn my certification. I acquired skills in computing and networking due to my fantastic instructor. At NTI they really care about students’ success. They reserve hours for hands-on experience in the lab. The instructor is very close to each student and he is always present to explain and help understand materials. I strongly recommend NTI to anyone that is seeking a good career in Information Technology”

– Amah A.

 Technical Representative of Willis Towers Watson

“It’s fabulous program. Get into one of the programs and get the best job with a good pay.”

– Yaovi Alipui

Field Technician at Toshiba

What Are Employers Saying?

  •  Cisco certified staff are more valuable to my organization
    than noncertified staff.
  • Cisco certified staff are more knowledgeable than
    noncertified staff.
  • Cisco certified staff can take on more responsibilities than
    noncertified staff.

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Chairman Of The Board

Get Inspired

Nina Alexander an NTI graduate holding her certificate smiling

Nina Alexander

Coming from a background in Finance and Administration, I was skeptical about changing my career to IT. I have always had a passion for IT, so I made the decision to visit NTI. The pre-enrollment discussion gave me the courage to start the program and I would say that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The program and training were perfect. I found myself in a friendly family environment, able to ask questions and receive excellent support from the instructor. I did my research on other instructors online, but this was much better as I had great hands on training. I am also excited to say that towards the end of the program I secured a job for an IT position and I also passed my CCNA Certification. This is a great start for me as I intend to build my career in IT and also continue with NTI with other programs.

Thank you Koami, Thank you NTI.