Our Mission

To help close the growing IT skills attainment gap among New Americans, minorities, refugee populations, disadvantaged youth, dislocated workers, veterans, career changers, the disabled and ex-offenders by providing an on-ramp to a successful career in the field of Computer Networking and Systems Engineering.

What is NTI?

NTI – Network Training Institute is an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy, a recognized world class leader in providing instructor led, and hands-on lab training to prepare students to start (and continue) their career as an IT Professional. Authorized Cisco Networking Academies are run by Certified Cisco Networking Professionals (CCNP or greater) who …..

our teaching team

Koami Pedado

Founder / Executive Director / Lead Instructor

If there’s someone who can explain anything, Koami is the one. He teaches you not just how to do something, but why to do it this way and not the other.

His beginner course is a must see for any aspiring IT professional who want to learn from the best.

Lee Miller

Student and Community Liaison

If there’s someone who can give career advice and guidance to students, Lee is the one. He loves working with each student to find what is best for them to achieve their careers in IT.

Student Testimonials

Rashid Iman

Best school if you are interesting in getting into the IT field! especially in Networking. I am currently taking CCNA course here and it’s amazing the amount of contents, labs and instructions we get. Koami, the instructor has years of extensive experience in the field and brings that in the class.

A Graduated Student from NTI said:

“My experience learning and graduating from Network Training Institute has been life changing. The quality of training and the amount of support and that I received was exemplary. My instructor was available to help by phone, email and remote desktop up until 12 AM (Midnight) seven days a week. That made a huge difference for me personally being a single mother I would often work on assignments later in the evenings. I am thankful for NTI because I am confident in my knowledge and abilities. I didn’t receive this type of support from Saint Paul College where I had attempted to get my IT Essentials (CompTIA A+) prior to finding NTI. Now I have the skills that I need, and I am on a career path that I am well prepared for and that I enjoy. Thank you NTI.”

Koffi Epou

I am currently working as an IT Field Support Technician at IBM’s. IT Computer Support and Repair is something I wanted to do for a long time but didn’t understand how I could enter this field until I came across Network Training Institute (NTI). It was here at NTI where I learned all about Computers and Basic Networking principles; specifically, taking apart and building computers, installing the operating systems and application software, trouble-shooting computers, printers and networks, and much more . . .” “One thing I love about NTI is Koami’s experience in the field and professional approach as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and dedication as a teacher. As the founder and Executive Director of the only “independently organized” Authorized Cisco Networking Academy in Minnesota, if not the whole world, Koami’s Institute is able to provide all the necessary software and hardware tools necessary for a student to qualify as a Tier 1 IT Technician”. “However, the only thing I didn’t like about his program is that at the end of it he did not buy pizza for all of us. Besides that, I give a big bravo to Koami and his assistants.

Luxury Franklin

Q – Have you landed a job after completing your NTI training?

A – Yes

Q – How long after training did you start working in the field?

A – Immediately

Q – What is your job title?

A – Technical Support

Q – What company are you working for?


Q – How well prepared do you feel for the work you are doing?

A – Well Prepared

Q – Would you come back for higher/additional certifications?

A – Yes

Q – Could you tell me in a sentence what you thought of the program?

A – I think it’s a very informative and efficient program that give individuals an additional option to further their education.

Q – Is there anything you would recommend improving the program?

A – More IT career pathways.

Q – Economic Status after training?

A – Above 40K

Q – Any additional comments?

A – Graduating from NTI was the best decision I’ve made. Coming from a low income household and elevating out of poverty immediately post-graduation is amazing. The teachers are very supportive and understanding.


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