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NTI – an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy providing an on ramp to a successful career in the field of Information Communications Technology!

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Female NTI graduate smiling with her certificate

“I’m so happy to be a graduate from Koami’s school.”


Hands on Experience to Prepair for the Workforce


NTI Students Intern at Eliesys Computer Services and Partners


NTI Graduates Are Placed and Employed With Top IT Companies

Why Choose NTI?

NTI – Network Training Institute is an Authorized Cisco Networking Academy is a recognized world class leader in providing instructor led, and hands-on lab training to prepare students for their career as an IT Professional.

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Outcome driven learning

Cutting-edge curriculum designed in guidance with industry and academia to develop job-ready skills.

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Learn from experts

Leading practitioners who bring current best practices and case studies to sessions that fit into your work schedule.

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Blended learning

Get the best of both instructor led training and the flexibility of e-learning. Industry accredited learning content.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help close the growing IT skills attainment gap amongst New Americans, minorities, refugee populations, disadvantaged youth, BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color), dislocated workers, veterans, career changers, the disabled and ex-offenders by providing an on-ramp to a successful career in the field of Computer Networking and Systems Engineering.

Our Job Is Helping You Achieve Your Goals

At NTI, our program doesn’t just provide computer training. We work with ElieSys, an IT consulting company, to place students in working internships, providing on-the-job skill building that will help you find employment. We provide assistance to build your resume, fine-tune your interviewing skills, and help you present a professional image to potential employers. We want you to succeed!

We Offer:

  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Contacts With Local Employers
  • Career Development Workshops
  • And More

NTI also offers a variety of workshops designed to assist our students and graduates in securing employment.

Our Students’ Success Speaks for Us

Koffi an NTI graduate smiling with her certificate

Koffi E.

“One thing I love about NTI is Koami’s experience in the field and professional approach as a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) and dedication as a
teacher. As the founder and Executive Director of the only “independently organized”
Authorized Cisco Networking Academy in Minnesota, if not the whole world, Koami’s
Institute is able to provide all the necessary software and hardware tools necessary
for a student to qualify as a Tier 1 IT Technician”.

Pat Miller an NTI graduate smiling with her certificate

Pat Miller

“Good material. I liked the various learning material to help prepare for the final.”

Yaovi Alipui an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Yaovi Alipui

“It’s fabulous program.”

Victor Essiet an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Victor Essien

“Its knowledge worth having.”

Bruce Lee an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Bruce Lee

“What I like best about the program is being able to do hands on building a PC. I had hard copies of the Microsoft Office books to follow along beside going online. Being able to bring home a laptop to
complete assignments and practice our A+ exam is very helpful.”

Tommy Vang an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Tommy Vang

“What I love about the program is all the hands-on activities throughout the program. Wonderful program for anyone who wants to being their career in the it field.”

Ahmed Hussein an NTI graduate smiling while practicing laptop repair

Ahmed Hussein

“What attracted me to NTI is the affordability of the classes, the flexibility of the classes and how easy it is to be accessible to like tutoring and the teacher and the hands on experience that you have in the classroom and collaborations with other students and the mentorship that you have with the with the teacher, the professor…”

Manga Anang an NTI graduate smiling while practicing laptop repair

Manga Anang

“…I was so impressed by the training a hands on training I got from NTI dealing with hardware directly, you know, opening up a computer and learning you know, every single thing that’s in the computer, it was just amazing. And I I am so proud and I’m so happy and after all my training and I got my CompTIA A plus certification and I was able to land my first job in in IT…”

Jahziah an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Jahziah Smith

“…I would recommend NTI to anyone else who’s looking for a job or interested in it. Just simply because, Im not going to say its an easy process, but it’s a different route than college and it can set you up to get a good paying job of decent paying job…”

Abimbola an NTI graduate smiling with her certificate

Abimbola Phillips

“…I’m so happy to be a graduate from Koami’s school. You know? I recommend Koami to anybody who wants to venture into that type into the field Koami’s school, it’s if you’re coming to school, you’re in safe hands. Thank you very much.”

Rodrigue A.

“…NTI made me who I am today, if I am able to get a nice career in a fast-growing field, and able to get paid a decent amount of money, I owe it to NTI. They did areally good job showing me the rope and especially placing me at CenturyLink.

Thank you NTI Family”

Meet Our Instructor

Koami Pedado

Koami Pedado

Founder / Executive Director / Lead Instructor

Koami’s teaching style and approach, backed by nearly a decade of teaching as a CCAI and over 15 years experience working in IT, are robust enough to support even the most gifted learners, as well as those who encounter difficulty in more traditional learning environments.

“I love all aspects of the Computer Network Engineering profession, both as a Network Engineer working in the field representing ECS, and as a Cisco Certified Academic Instructor (CCAI) at NTI where I provide my students with the guidance, direction, and technical training they need to secure their first job in IT as well as a continued advanced training.”

Cisco Networking Academy Badge 5 year Instructor Issued to Koami Pedado in 2019

NTI Routes Information Through the Mind

NTI’s Cisco Networking Academy has been designed and built to prepare your hands and brain to start meeting this demand. So, with the proper attitude, motivation and aptitude, NTI will more than adequately prepare you to enter into a sustainable, profitable career in Information Technology.

We understand the challenges of continuing education. That is why we structured our course delivery and training schedule to be as flexible as possible with a variety of options to choose from.

Traditional Classroom Icon

Traditional Classroom

We do it the old school way as well. Physical classrooms help you learn from other students as well, apart from the Instructor. Hands on labs including desktop, laptop, and printer breakdown and repair, configuring routers and more reinforces lessons and builds confidence.

Virtual Instructor Icon

Virtual Instructor Led

Can’t go to a classroom but still prefer to be taught by an Instructor? The virtual classroom lets you attend classes from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer and a stable internet connection. Need a hotspot? We take care of that too, accessing the internet should not be a barrier to achieving your goals.

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Self Paced Learning

Use our cutting edge leaning platform to prepare for your certification courses at your own pace. This interactive online learning is developed based on time tested and proven methodologies. Support is available in person or remote to ensure your success.

Corporate Training Icon

Corporate Training

We conduct corporate training programs either in your premises or at our own venue. We have worked with some of the Fortune 500 companies and delivered excellent results. Our Bootcamp programs are the perfect IT training solution for your business.

Our Courses Align to Globally Recognized Certifications

Cutting-edge curriculum designed to train students for ITC careers of today and beyond

Get Inspired

Stacey an NTI graduate smiling with his certificate

Stacey Johnson

“What attracted me to NTI is its very hands on, the instructor is willing to work with students on a one-on-one basis. My experience is the instructor is very knowledgeable and patient, he will take phone calls to answer questions. if you have questions pertaining to a student’s new job, offering advice on how to problem solve in our new position. I am now in a new position at a great company. I am a part of the tech support team. I enjoy my new position thanks to what I learned at NTI.  I would and I have recommended NTI to people I know. I know that there are not a lot of African Americans in the IT field. I even doubted myself at first thinking. I wasn’t smart enough to do IT. But Koami reminded me that he taught himself a lot of this IT stuff himself and that he had a language barrier. I believe that was my greatest motivation. I believe that what makes NTI different is that it’s very hands-on and the instructor is with you every step of the way to help the students succeed. Thanks again NTI! I owe it all to this program that I now have a great career and now am providing a decent living for my family.”